Friday, October 19, 2012

Calas San Vicente, how I love you!

 Hello hello,

I know I am getting a little bit boring about this Ibiza summer, but I feel that I really need to open new "Ibiza dimension" for you!

Ok, so maybe the last post about Ibiza, maybe not, but I want to present you my very favourite beach, Cala San Vicente. All the beaches in Ibiza are called "cala". The truth about my big love is that I lived near this beach, so every time I had free afternoon or so, I spent it there.

If you want to come and stay for some days, there is a hotel Grupotel Cala San Vicente, and you can find it on tripadvisor here or here.

So here we gooo!

You see, it is in totally different part of Ibiza than famous San Antoni

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