Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Relaxing weekend

Hey guys!

For the last few days I was feeling a little bit tired from all the stressing and rushing around the college. This lead me to turn off for the weekend. Just relax, relax and relax, enjoy the beautiful sunny weather, suck in fresh air and admire all the beauty around me. Well that's the broad summary!
The location was just south from Dublin in the little town of Enniscorthy. It might not be a typical tourist destination, but if you are passing nearby, you should definitely have a look around.
Except for the town attractions, I enjoyed a lovely company of my college classmate and friend who comes from this little town and who showed me around and told me all THE gossip :D

Hope you like the pics!

Kristina ❤

Girly Time!

Fire and wine.....

Tea time!

Flowers <3

Boro river

Nature...clears your mind and soul

Wooo, rainforest :D

Cute little mushroon


St.Aidan's Cathedral, designed by Augustus Welby Pugin famous for interior design of the Palace of Westminster!

Cathedral from outside

The biggest surprise for me

Hot brownie with vanilla ice-cream and raspberries

Loving this song....we just couldn't stop listening and singing! ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

Thank you Susan for having me!


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