Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Hey guys,

it has been quiet a while since the last post, so I decided to post another quickey.
Lately I have been quiet busy in the college (or so was and still am supposed to be), but I still managed to make some time for more fun projects!

1. Cooking at home and trying new delicacies
This challenge was and is an easy one. There are times when I don't feel like waiting for food to be cooked and home and I do eat out, however at other times I totally enjoy the procrastination of my time in the kitchen while preparing something yummie.

After seeing the beautiful over-sized knitted beanies from the LFW, I decided to go back to knitting and make one myself. Even though it wasn't as easy as one might think, with a little help of my expert knitter friend it took only like 3 days to finish. The result....pure happiness and nice, cozy and warm head!
After finishing this project I started another one, colorful scarf. I have the tendency of wearing just simple dark colors during winter, and so my new scarf will give it a bit more life and funky effect.
The worst thing with knitting is that I am already thinking of other things that I want to make, even though I probably won't have the time for it.

3. Workout
Ok, well I do love working out  but sometimes I might be a bit lazy to go out into the horrible snow/rainy weather for a run! I decided to alternate different classes and activities such as swimming, boxing, running and some weights...and so far I am totally loving it! Hopefully I will last, haha :D

So much for the recent updates.

Kristina ❤

Beanie inspiration


  1. i want to eat all of them :D


  2. umm..so delicious dear!!
    xoxo and have a nice week=)

  3. I am soo hungry right now!! I want all of these together <3

  4. LOVE those hats and that food looks sooo yummy!!! :)