Sunday, March 3, 2013

Napoletana Dolce Vita

Hey guys,

This week we had a reading week, hence no college (wuaay!). Anyway, instead of just staying at home and 'reading', I decided that it was time to see and experience the real stuff we are learning about in college.
Me and my two classmates decided to do a little trip in Italy.
We started of in Naples where we stayed for three nights. Our plan was to go and see Pompeii and Herculaneum and so Naples was an ideal place to stay. Before our trip, many people were trying to discourage us from staying in Naples, the city full of noise, dirt, mafia and danger but LUCKILY we didn't listen to these people! For anyone planning on going to Napoli, you will definitely hear loads of negative stuff about the city but that might not be completely true. I feel like people just exaggerate and create these horrible stories about the city, without really knowing how amazing the place is!
Straight after arriving to Robby's House B&B we knew that this was indeed a good plan. The place was really nice and clean, and Robby himself was just amazing! He showed us where the most famous places are in Naples, how to get to the sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum...and you could just feel the positive energy all around. The B&B itself was located right in the old city center, just ideal for our 'getting lost' in-between the streets.
I don't want to waffle around too much, but the last point I want to make is about the people we met. I love taking photos and so walking around with camera around my neck was a necessity in order to take as may photos as possible. Usually people react by just hiding and not wanting to be on the camera, but in Naples it was a different story...everyone loved the attention of camera and gladly posed and smiled. Oh and no one tried to steel anything!! People were very nice, cheerful and even though majority could't really speak English, they still gladly communicated and tried to help.

People, food, sites and wine and the infinite vibrancy of the real Neapolitan life made our stay in the city unforgettable.
'Napoletana dolce vita' you will be greatly missed!



  1. si mala aj ten bordel odfotit :)

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