Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mi verano ibicenco !!!

Hello darlings,

After a loong break we decided to continue with our blog!!! I had such an amazing summer full of experiences that I really need to share with you. 

I spent this two summer months in Ibiza! Working as an aupair, which was, let´s say, interesting! Excluding the fact, that I realized that I really don´t want to have kids until I turn 30, it was perfect! (but I love them, I really do hahaha!).

I lived in a caravan. I know it may sound weird, but it was funny, just imagine this woodstock-like life without drugs (LOL) for 2 months. So that was it.

Ibiza is an amazing place! It´s  like heaven on the Earth. However I haven´t been to any party, I experienced the true "ibicenca" life and to be honest I am not sure if I want to go to their famous discos sometime in the future. In my mind Ibiza is that peaceful and quiet place. Ok, don´t lie Veronika! If somehow David Guetta invites you to his "cheaaaaap" party, you will go there)

Anyhow, for now I leave you with some photos to imagine my former 2-month life!

My caravan

Santa Eularia

Mila listeng to my iPod in my caravan

Me at Ses Salines, the beach were all footbal players enjoy Ibiza ;) ! But I haven´t met any hahahaha

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