Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of 2011

Hey babes,

so it is here, the last day of 2011. When I look back at this year, I think it was quiet a ride :) I mean at the beginning of the year I visited you in Prague, in April I visited Viki in London and then during summer I had a great time, visiting Prague (again ha!), Vienna, Budapest and also well our very familiar capital Bratislava and some other parts of Slovakia.Well I think it was a great year...what do you say?
Lastly I just want to wish you and everyone who reads this post a very happy new year, that will be at least as good or even better than the year 2011.
Happy New Year 2012!!!


                         Kristina <3


  1. great photos! looks like you've been to a lot of great places too!