Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas time

Hey babes,

I hope that you and everyone else who is reading had an amazing Christmas!
As you may know, I spent this year`s Christmas in Dublin (for my first time), and since I am Slovakian, my friends Irish, but one of them deeply in love with anything Spanish, we had some kind of international feasting  :)  On 24thDec. I prepared typical Slovakian Kapustnicu (Saur Kraut Soup), and oh my, it was delicious  :)  We watched some movies and then went to the church, which was a whole new experience for me. I enjoyed it because I could see the beautiful city centre on Christmas eve`s night. It was so peaceful compared to the other nights! Anyway when we returned home, we had another dish, this time Spanish, with amazing salmon. On 25th Dec. morning we got our presents from Santa...and I was just so happy and thankful for every single beautiful and original present I got. Anyway, we spent the whole day watching movies and Christmas programs...and eating more delicious food, this time really Irish food, like turkey and puding...amazing!!
So far it is a great experience even though I do miss my family and friends...but I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas time!
I am attaching a mix of photos from these few days. Hope you like them :)


                       Kristina <3


P.S I just realized that nearly all these photos are just photos of food....but we really didn`t just eat!!! :D


  1. Wauu,znie to super take vianoce v kruhu kamosov a jak si varite:)
    Dufam ze sme ti moc nechybali :D :*

  2. such lovely pictures, looks like you had a great day!

    hope you'll visit back

  3. That definitely sounds like a great Christmas! I love that you each made something from a different culture. So great! Glad your Christmas was amazing :)


  4. this is so great!by the way your photos are so yumiee!!!

  5. Great post dear....Love all the pics...I would be glad if we followed each other..!



  6. amazing pics!!! the food seems delicious!

    i hope you are having the most amazing holidays ever!!!!!

  7. Those photos look lovely! The food looks so goods :)

  8. Hope you are having an amazing Christmas as well!!!