Friday, January 18, 2013

Camera strap upgrade

Hey guys,

this week I got rid off two essays (yaay!), and even though there are still more to be written, I am just going to enjoy this weekend and not think about them!
I don't have any new photos, since I didn't have time to take any, but I would love to share some 'camera straps ideas'. Right before Christmas I saw a blog post (unfortunately I don't remember the blog name), where one of the Xmas present suggestions was a beautiful DIY camera strap.
I love going around the town, college and streets with my camera around my neck, but it is true that sometimes I feel like it would be so much cooler if there was something more 'funky' about my camera. I mean my camera bag is black, the camera itself is black, and the strap is black. Boring!
So I have done some research and here and came to two conclusions:

1. Get inspired and do it myself!
-there are tons of pictures on the internet + tons of websites that show you how to do it (Lomography or  Youtube)


2. Buy the already beautifully handmade camera straps online!
-Etsy has amazing range of so many tempting straps, that it is hard not buy them all!

I think I might just stick to the second option since it's so much easier, but maybe I'll try to make my own strap one day too :)


Photos from the internet


  1. OH i just love these shots, they're perfect. I love seeing different cameras :D

    xx Nita