Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hey guys,

As many of you know there are mid-season sales in many shops at the moment.
Well to be honest they started like 2 weeks ago so it's probably no good anymore, however I really wanted to share my ''catch'' with you.
Since I don't have a job and proper income, it's really hard for me to go shopping...or even enter shops without wanting to spend my rent money on those ''beautiful shiny things'' in the stores.
When the sales started I decided to go and have a quick, literally 5 minute, look in to Topshop. I know you might think that it was a bad decision, but it actually ended really well...clothes that were in sale section didn't catch my attention at all, however there was one piece of jewelery that I just couldn't resist.
I've been looking for a nice necklace for ages now, and this one caught my attention immediately with a bonus of nearly €30 discount, oh yeah! 😃 

So that's my story and here you can have a look for yourself...



  1. love your stunning golden necklace !!

  2. amazing necklace dear!!!