Sunday, December 11, 2011

DIY 1 : Friendship bracelets :)

Hey babes,

I don`t know whether it is the weather or what...but lately I did`t feel like studying (as much as I should) and instead I felt and still feel more like doing something creative!
I saw some blogs showing really cool photos with bracelets that we can actually make at home..and I can tell you that it is pretty easy, hahaa!
This is the first photo I saw and fell in love with immediatly....(from Jak and Jill blog )

            Those bracelets look amazing, and if they weren`t there the photo just wouldn`t be complete!
             And so I decided to (try) and make some of those too....I never tried it before so I thought that it         would be really hard...but it was actually really easy and fun to make :)
 Here are some photos of my bracelet...and if you want to try to do it yourself try this blog or try some videos on Youtube :)

                                                                Some of my threads

I`m not finished yet....there was another post on the Studed Hearts blog, with amaaaazing photos (again in love with them ), where the bracelets play another important role! Today I decided to give it a go and try to make one, to see whether it`s possible...and it is! :)

                                         What do we need? : Some yarn and threads

1. I made a plait from 18 strings from the yarn. Each string should be long enough to get around your wrist.
       This will be the base for the next step. You can use as many strings of the yarn as you want, depending on the desired thickness of the bracelet.

2. The thread strings should be around 17 inches. Cut as many strings as you want, depending on how many colours you wish to have on your bracelet. Take every string and tie it at the top of the plait. Make sure that both ends of the string are of the same length and that each colour string is right below the other (not crossing each other).

3. You take the top most string (the same colour on both sides) and start wrapping it around the plait and the other strings. Make sure that each time you make a wrap, you place the next one as closely as possible to the previous one, to make sure that nothing will peak out from under. If you want to change the colour, you just pick another two strings and start wrapping with them. You can pick either the same colour strings or two different colours to mix it up a bit :) When you wrapped the whole plait, you just make a knot and you are good to go :)

Hope it is at least a bit useful :)
                    Kristina <3


  1. Beautiful photos! You did an amazing job on the bracelet! Such an inspiration.


  2. cool blog!! ;)

  3. These friendship bracelets have been everywhere lately! The first photo is incredible inspiring, such a chic suit with friendship bracelets. Love it. xx

  4. This is wonderful thank you for sharing!!! I love all of the colors in these.


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  6. i love diy posts!
    these colourful bracelets are amazing!

  7. those bracelets are beautiful !! Love them <3
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  8. This post is awesome! I've been wanting to make these for so long.

  9. OMG, i remember during high school which was waaaaay back, everyone was making and wearing friendship bracelets. So glad that they are back now and i do hope it means something nice still and not just worn as a fashion trend.

    Lovely blog, miss! Following you now on Google Connect. Hope you can share the love back by visiting my site too and maybe follow me too, if you want too? :)

    Much love from Canada~

  10. Awesome! That's a really great DIY. the end product looks really great. You have an awesome blog.

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  12. Thanks for the instructions, I definitely want to try this. Where did you get the threads from?

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  14. Well done! i love them!
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  15. I love this ! im going to try it...

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