Saturday, September 24, 2011

This Friday Night

Hey babes,
this is the last weekend before my college starts here in Dublin, and I know that it is your last `summer holiday` weekend too. I really hope that it will exceed our expectations, and we will go back to college full of energy and enthusiasm.
Just so you and all our dear readers know, this Thursday 22nd September, it was Arthurs`s Day here in Ireland. It was a great beginning of this weekend...the streets of Dublin city center were packed with people drinking Guiness beer `To Arthur`! I met with my friends in one pub and the atmosphere was just brilliant. There were bands playing good music and everyone was just having a great time. I wanted to take some photos, but unfortunately as soon as I arrived to the pub I found out that the battery was just gone, so I took all the pics with phone and believe me they are just bad! :D
Anyway, on Friday there was this `House warming party` organized by one of my friends so I decided to go there to meet some of my friends just before the beginning of the school year. We had a great time, listening to great music from the iPod and then to the amazing performance of the boys playing the guitar and singing. I wish I could play a guitar too, lol!
Well I am attaching a few pics ( I know they aren`t that great, but oh well at least something)...Hope you all like them :)



                                                  Bisous From

                                                       Top: American Apparel
                                                    Shorts: Penneys
                                                     Heels: Penneys
                                Faux-leather blazer: Vintage shop
                                                    Clutch: Penneys
                                                 Bracelet: Topshop
                                                     Rings: F21, Topshop, New Yorker


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  2. like your look!clutch is perfect!
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  4. Wow your pink shorts are absolutelly perfect!!

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  6. Love the clutch!

  7. go crazy before school starts back up! Love the clutch, pin and orange is one of my favorite color combos!

  8. GO CRAZY, like Aquí said! And good luck with your studies this year!

    Thanks so much for the sweet comment!

  9. Aah, these pictures looks like so much fun! And that red short is lovely!

  10. very nice post!
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  11. what a great blog with beautiful pictures! i really like it :)

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  12. have the same pink ring, love it! xx

  13. you look so gorgeous! <3
    great outfit.

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    Aww your outfit is amazing ... Love the shorts and your rings are amazing!

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  16. Great photos!! LOVE the accessories ❤

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